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June 24, 2007

No Deal For Lappy?

photo courtesy Jack Dempsey/AP

The Colorado Avalanche management has already announced the signing of several prospects and free agents. Tyler Arnason will return, along with defensemen like Kurt Sauer and Jeff Finger, and captain Joe Sakic will be back, just to name a few.

Noticeably absent from the announcements is any news about the forward enforcer Ian Laperriere, the loud, rambunctious alternative to Sakic's quiet leadership of the team.

The Rocky Mountain News reported back at the end of May that The Best Nose In Hockey would soon be re-signing with the Avalanche, but nearly a full month has passed with no further word on the matter.

It should come as no surprise that Ian Laperriere is a Dear Lord Stanley favorite, and his re-signing is much encouraged. Even Scott Parker has re-signed, and that guy is damn near worthless. At least Lappy can score a few goals, in addition to throwing down every once in a while.


paulpuck22 said...

Actually the Avs had an option on him which they picked up. So he actually will be back.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I hadn't read that anywhere as official news, so I wasn't sure. Do you have a link?

Draft Dodger said...

I don't believe there's been anything official - the quote from his agent in the article you linked is the only thing I've seen. I'm assuming that it's correct, but it would be nice to have some sort of announcement from the team.

Random speculation alert: perhaps the fact that they haven't formally announced the option means the two are working on a longer extension

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I'll play that game: perhaps Lappy is interested in finishing his career in Colorado, and is working on a deal to guarantee that. Hmmmmmm...

paulpuck22 said...

Heres the link to the article

paulpuck22 said...

nevermind, i see you had the same article linked. but i believe when the option means that when he signed the contract 2 years ago to play for the Av's it was for 2 years with an option for a 3rd year. The Avalanche picked up the option so Lappy is still under contract. If the Av's chose to not pick up the option he would be a free agent. So Lappy doesn't have to sign anything as he is already under contract.

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