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June 3, 2007

Pronger Suspension: A Major Blow For Head-Elbow Relations?

Despite Chris Pronger's best efforts to help his elbow become better acquainted with the heads of his opponents, the NHL decided to suspend him for game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The reason? Dean McAmmond's selfish refusal to be over six feet tall. It's not Chris Pronger's fault that his elbows are naturally seven feet off the ground, or his fault that other player's heads keep getting in the way of them. He was just finishing his check. Sure, it might have been an illegal check, but he was just finishing it. Can't blame a guy for that, right?

No word yet on the impact the suspension will have on ongoing skull/elbow peace talks, but the Ducks should be fine regardless. They beat Detroit the last time Pronger got suspended for being too tall---the Western Conference Finals. Three weeks ago.

This is just more evidence that the NHL's recent rule change to crack down on players with a natural height advantage is working.


Jibblescribbits said...

In every sport i have ever played, the #1 rule is "You are responsible for the control of your body."

It is up to Pronger to control his elbows going into the head. He doesn't seem to complain about being 6'6" when it's an advantage.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

No argument here.

hockeychic said...

I have had a very interesting debate about this hit with my email group of hockey folks. I seem to be the only one that thinks the suspension was warranted. I thought he should have gotten two games. My point is that Pronger was not even trying to make a check, he reached up with his elbow. I am trying not to be blinded by my incredible dislike of Pronger on this.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

It was obviously a dirty hit. My complaint is that he wasn't even called for a penalty---how two refs and two linesmen managed to miss such a blatant violation is beyond me. Maybe Pronger is so tall that his elbow was obscured by cloud cover.

As for the suspension, I think one game was warranted, but two would have been better. And I don't even hate the guy.

I just wish he would find a helmet that fit.

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