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June 12, 2007

Former Nordique Mats Sundin Not Interested In The Stanley Cup

Mats Sundin, the talented but not-getting-any-younger Swedish captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has agreed to another season with the team for a reasonable (and reduced) $5.5 million salary. Apparently Sundin, who has never won the Stanley Cup, prefers it that way. The Leafs aren't going to win it any time soon.

Sundin was chosen by the Quebec Nordiques as the very first pick of the 1989 NHL Draft (the first ever European to go first), but was later traded in 1994 as part of a package deal for several players including superstars like Wendel Clark. While the Leafs got the better of that deal, the Nordiques went on to win two Stanley Cups as the Colorado Avalanche in the next few years with another star Swede, so it didn't sting that bad.

Sundin currently holds the records for most consecutive 70-or-more point seasons (14, minus the lockout years of 94-95 and 04-05) and most overtime goals (15). He's also in the running for the coveted "most years on the wrong team" record, still held by Ray Bourque.

Finally, he's famous for his steadfast refusal to wear a visor despite nearly losing his eye to an errant puck last season, so he's a genius, too.

Good luck to you, Mats, hang in there.

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