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June 30, 2007

Foote Admits He's A Lousy Gambler, Shouldn't Have Left Colorado

photo courtesy PokerStarsBlog.com

Adam Foote, at one time, was a solid, exciting defenseman for the Avalanche. Not an offensive defenseman, but a great stay-at-home heavy-hitter. Then he went and signed with Columbus a couple of years ago and found himself having to carry the load for a seriously sub-par team. Things haven't gone well for him since.

His bad.

Until now, he hadn't publicly said anything to suggest that he regretted his decision to follow the money just to get stuck on a lousy, mismanaged team. Until now, that is.

In an interview with Vic Lombardi of KCNC in Denver (video here), Adam Foote actually admits to wishing he had never left his "home"---Denver and the Colorado Avalanche (around the 4 minute mark).

Dear Lord Stanley has a very short memory. I may support the Avalanche players while they're still in Denver, but once they leave, they're dead to me. I have less sympathy for departing free agents than those just unlucky to be traded, but my concern for all of them ends the second they suit up for another team. Foote, Peter Forsberg, Chris Drury, Alex Tanguay, Rob Blake, the list goes on and on. All dead to me.

But, if they were to come to their senses and return to Colorado (even if it means less money for them), then all is forgiven. Hugs and kisses all around.

Too bad most are too old to return and be of any real help, like Adam Foote (and that cripple Forsberg), so their chance to get back in my good graces has passed. I hope they don't take it too hard.

(Thanks to AD for the heads-up on the Foote interview.)


Jibblescribbits said...

The Avs didn't really try hard to keep Foote. Their contract offer to him was pretty sub-par, which is why he left, so I have been cheering for Columbus to do well ever since.

It sucks that they had inept management, over there. Too bad the Avs can't really trade for him, because he's exactly what they need on the back line.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Well, he's a little past his prime, though, and lost most of last season to injury. His body isn't getting any younger, and those big checks he likes to dish out just aren't going to help his longevity. I hated to see him go, for sure, but that's how it goes.

Such is life in the Cap age.

Teebz said...

Foote will be stuck as a Blue Jacket for a while. He hasn't shown he can play at a high level or elevate his level of game for some time. That's not how you get a team to consider you. Notice that no one spoke of him as a "rental" at last year's trade deadline.

I would guess that, given the right contract, you'd take Drury back in a heartbeat. I would. :o)

Mike Thompson said...

I would take Drury back in a heartbeat also. Dumbest trade in Avs history. Yeah, I said it, dumber than the Theo trade...

Brittany Smith said...

I need Adam Foote's email for a project! Can anyone help?!

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