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June 18, 2007

Thanks For All The Success, You're Fired (Part II)

In a move strangely reminiscent of the Devils' recent firing of coach Claude Julien, the Senators announced today that general manager John Muckler should start looking for other employment.

Despite engineering the trade of playoff-worthless Marian Hossa to the Thrashers for playoff hero and goal-scoring phenom Dany Heatly, not to mention making an appearance for the first time in the Stanley Cup Finals, Ottawa decided they just didn't need old Muckler hanging around the place anymore.

It made sense for the Bruins to fire coach Dave Lewis---kind of---since the team continued its stretch of worthless seasons, not to mention Lewis' creepy Hitleresque mustache. I'd fire him for that. Forget the fact that the Bruins' front office has been particularly inept for some time and it's easy to blame their failures on the coach.

But Muckler and Julien were, by all accounts, extremely successful leaders. And their departures are eerily similar in that their replacements are pulling double-duty. Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello took over as coach and Senators coach Brian Murray will take over as GM. Both will keep their prior assignments.

(UPDATE: Initial reports were inaccurate. Murray will not keep the coaching job and instead will start interviewing for a replacement very soon. Doh!)

So, what have we learned? We've learned that Randy Carlyle better watch how many Stanley Cups he wins with Anaheim or he might just be out of a job. This is the New NHL.

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