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June 11, 2007

Patrice Brisebois Gets Busted Playing Hooky, Not Hockey

photo courtesy of gregorymoine.com

Patrice Brisebois was paid $3 million dollars to play defense for the Colorado Avalanche this past season. The 36 year-old managed to show up for 33 games, all in the early season, and then took the rest of the year off citing back problems.

Well, if racing his expensive Ferrari 430 on race tracks around Canada qualifies as "back problems", Brisebois was definitely injured pretty badly.

A driver involved with the Ferrari Challenge series of amateur races, Brisebois has competed for several years now. While he couldn't bother to play hockey, he definitely could handle racing his expensive man toy, it seems. This past weekend, at the Canadian Grand Prix, Brisebois finished fifth (or was it sixth?) in a support race prior to the main Formula One event.

Good for him. I hope he has similar luck on the free agent market this summer, because there's no way in hell the Avs are re-signing him. His comments after the car race indicated that he already knows this and will be looking for a new employer. Let's hope he put some money away and didn't blow it all on Ferraris, because his future NHL employment prospects look pretty slim.

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