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June 4, 2007

Dead Rivaly Punching Bag: DLS On The Radio

With the ten-year anniversary of the infamous "Brawl In Hockeytown" just passed and the Stanley Cup Finals ongoing, the NPR show Weekend America decided to run a short piece on the once-great Avalanche/Dead Wings rivalry and role of fighting in the game. Christy from Behind The Jersey and I were interviewed and the five-minute segment ran this past weekend.

Listen here (real audio).

They did a pretty good job with it, I think, but the use of more audio from the fights themselves would have been better. I can't believe they left out the one bit of sound I remember the most from the brawl:
"Vernon and Roy!! Mike Vernon with a great left!! Follows up with the right!"
Though the numerous right-handers thrown by St. Patrick were completely ignored, the call of that fight is one of my favorites in all of hockey. I wish the show had included that small bit. Overall a good job, though.

I'm also glad I didn't sound like an idiot (too much), especially since the Avs didn't exactly come out of that game the winners (physically or score-wise). I wasn't exactly speaking from a position of strength as the fan of the losers, you know? And thankfully they included my "Lemieux was sucker-punched" point, which I was afraid they'd leave out.

At any rate, I had fun. Doing a radio interview is a unique experience, and it's always nice to play a part in promoting the sport to an audience (NPR listeners) that probably doesn't own too many team sweaters, you know?

UPDATE (6/9/07): Christy has posted her own take on the experience.


Mike said...

Congrats. Hope you see an uptick in viewership.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I'm still waiting on them to add a direct link to the blog from the Weekend America web site. So far they haven't been in much of a hurry.

Not that anyone visits that site either, but you know...

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