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June 26, 2007

Fellow Avalanche Fans Should Keep A Lower Profile

It doesn't make me feel good to say it, but Avalanche fans should probably keep a low profile in public these days. In case you didn't hear, our team didn't make the playoffs last season. Sure, it was the first time in more than a decade, and sure, they only missed it by one point, and sure, they had the highest point total of any non-playoff team. But they missed the playoffs, and among hockey fans, that's the ultimate sin.

So, knowing this, you'd think most Avalanche fans would have the foresight to minimize their public "footprint" when attending hockey-related events. Unless it's an actual Avalanche game, leaving the Avs jersey at home is probably not a bad idea. Also not a bad idea: not carrying around a "Red Wings Suck" sign at the NHL Draft in Columbus during a concert by Yellowcard, the bassist of which is from Detroit:

Toward the later half of the concert, a Colorado Avalanche fan made his way through the crowd holding a sign reading “RED WINGS SUCK” with a bunch of photographs glued on. After seeing that sign, the lead singer tells Ryan [the bassist-DLS] to look at that sign. Ryan, who hadn’t said a word all concert, steps up to the microphone and says something like this…

"Hey 'Red Wings Sucks' guy, how did your Avs do in the playoffs? 2nd round? Oh, that’s right. They didn’t even make the playoffs."

The entire crowd that had booed Red Wings fans at the start of the concert goes “Ohhh” much to the dismay of this Avs fan.

Hey, genius, why ask for abuse? I totally understand the argument that we Avalanche fans should be proud of our team and should never resist the urge to support our boys in public, but really, why invite the wrath of a guy with a microphone and the attention of a large crowd? Just put the sign down, blend in, and patiently wait for next season with the rest of us.

Better yet, anonymously sit behind a computer and toss insults at the Dead Wings from the safety of your own home like I do. Always the safest option.

Red Wings Suck.


Draft Dodger said...

no sympathy for the idiot with the sign.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

It's like walking into a lion's den with a piece of raw meat strapped to your chest.

Anonymous said...

I think a better sign would have been Yellow Card Sucks.

Christy Hammond said...

Yeah, it definitely wasn't that guy's best moment. And it's not like he didn't know the bassist was a Wings' fan as the lead singer mentioned it before the first song of the concert (when the entire crowd proceeded to boo Red Wings fans). The Avs fan certainly seemed to ask for it!

The Dark Ranger said...

What an idiot....such behavior sounds like a Maple Leafs Fan! Very uncharacteristic for an Avs fan...

As a Rangers fan and making the playoffs, I wouldn't even dare wear my Lundquist or Messier jersey in Philadelphia against the Flyers in fear of blue-collar retaliation for their being the worst team in hockey. My point being....know your audience hoser!


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