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June 21, 2007

Dater VS ESPN, Round 3

A day after the initial scandal created by Adrian Dater's now-infamous anti-ESPN rant on his blog at the Denver Post's web site, Greg at the AOL Fanhouse and Eric at OffWingOpinion have picked up the story.

In the meantime, as everyone now knows, the rant and Dater's non-apology follow-up post have been removed from the Post site, the follow-up forever lost into the memory hole (I wasn't able to save that one before it was gone).

But who's decision was it to remove the outbursts?

According to Dater himself, it was a mutual decision by him and his bosses at the Post to remove the blog entries because he was "a little over the line probably." In an email he sent me today, he wrote:

The one thing I do regret is naming individual names at ESPN. I just ticked off some names of reporters off the top of my head at that moment. I was trying to criticize in the collective sense, not the individual, so naming any names was dumb and I am sorry for that.

And I'll let that be the final word on the matter.


Jibblescribbits said...

Yeah probably a good time to let the whole thing go now, even if his rant brought up some really good discussion points.

When I read it, I had that reaction, I thought the naming of names was a mistake, but the message wasn't.

AlanTdot said...

I agree with Adrain, you just can't top that beat reporter getting the 'we're giving 110%' quote after the game.

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