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June 26, 2007

Mark Messier: Hero Of Men

It's a slow day in the hockey world, so I'll aim your attention toward the Sports Hernia, who reminds us all why Mark Messier is a true leader among leaders, a real hero of men:

The crowd burst into a thunderous ovation as the visibly fatigued Mess was helped off-stage by a couple of swimsuit models. Right before disappearing into the darkness though, he turned and winked to the crowd, which immediately erupted into a giant orgy.

Canadian officials have confirmed that they are in fact erecting the "Le Coc Tower" in Montreal to honor Messier’s entry into the Hall.

That's right, Mark Messier has been named the newest member of the Bone Zone Hall Of Fame, whatever that is. He deserves it.

Thanks to Jes Golbez for the link.


Mike Thompson said...

That picture will haunt my dreams...

KMS2 said...

There are so many things wrong with that picture. I think...I'm...going..blind.

The Dark Ranger said...

Wherever you found this, I must have it. Great stuff. bizarre.


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