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June 18, 2007

Hamilton Fans Can't Wait To See Nonexistent Hockey Team

Hamilton, Ontario doesn't even have an NHL team, but that isn't stopping local residents from making deposits on thousands of season tickets at Copps Coliseum. Ticketmaster even has a seating chart up for Copps with the title "Hamilton Predators NHL Franchise Deposit Map".

In what can only be a PR stunt by potential Predators buyer Jim Balsillie, the ticket sales have already surpassed the 9000 held by fans in Nashville. Make Nashville look bad, make Hamilton look great, seal the deal. That has to be Balsillie's game plan, or otherwise there'd be no reason at all to sell tickets for an NHL team that doesn't yet exist, and may not exist by next season anyway, even if Balsillie's purchase of the team goes through.

I've only been to Hamilton a couple of times, and only then to drive through on the way to Toronto. I don't know much about the city, but it must be boring as hell. How else would fans have money just lying around to throw at a nonexistent hockey team? Can't be much else to do, apparently.


Sherry said...

I live in Hamilton and I too would like to know where all of this potential-maybe-future-possible NHL season ticket money is coming from since the Bulldogs have been in there for nearly 10 years and have been drawing squat. And they won the Calder this year.

It's not a bad city, really it's not. But i don't think it needs an NHL team. And if people there have so much money they could maybe do something about the drunks hanging around the mall downtown at like, noon.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Hamilton sounds FUN!

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